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Hello!  I am a theoretical nuclear physics PhD student at the #2 program in the U.S. in nuclear physics, and also a former Princeton Review GMAT mathematics instructor, currently living in Wellesley, MA.  I have perfect scores on many math and science standardized exams, and have gotten 99th percentile scores on the verbal sections of the SAT, GRE, and GMAT. I have written and edited successful college applications, graduate school applications, and grant applications, as well as one successful Rhodes Scholarship application.  I have five years of experience teaching and tutoring mathematics and physics, and I did my undergrad in mathematics. 


I offer Online GMAT lessons at your convenience using the excellent conferencing software Vyew.  In-person GMAT lessons are available in the Michigan State University area and thereabouts.



My style is different from that of major testing companies.  I help you use the muscles you have already built in your academic training and life before giving you new tools, my goal being to help you discover that the thing in front of you is not all that scary after all. I want you to, as quickly as possible, need neither my services nor those of any other tutor.  I believe that most people are about as smart as one another, and apparent differences are the result of the weight of past decisions and neither innate nor permanent.  I teach you how to actually solve problems using robust methods, not tricks and heuristics that may fail you when tested.  However, I do also show you how to take advantage of the structural weaknesses of the exam you are up against, how to do and check arithmetic quickly, and when to guess and move on.


When you are not meeting with me, I ask that you work on real GMAT problems, and also on areas of weakness that we identify together.  I do not charge you to sit in a classroom while I go over material in a manner not targeted to your particular needs, spending time on things you already understand and not spending enough time on what you need.


 I am also good at helping people leverage their qualifications within an effective application essay, and I am happy to view your materials in absolute confidence and then help you to construct a cogent case for your admission to your desired MBA program.  


My rates are less than half of what is asked for by the leading GMAT preparation company.  You can work with me in person, or online, and if you happen to be near my home in Wellesley or near where I regularly tutor a discount is available to you.


One of my students once described me as "laid-back, but old school."  I am friendly and looking to help you prepare without raising your anxiety.  But if you have the time and energy to devote to preparation then as a matter of my own professional pride I am looking to help you do more than just bruise your exam.




Your performance is in part an extension of my own and I am looking to get you to the point where most of what you see on the GMAT is easy compared to what you did to prepare for the thing.


Thank you for your interest!  Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email, or via the 'contact me' applet.


Anthony Graybosch


Cell: 919 358 5076


P.S. I can also help with mathematics through the college level, physics at any level, and any standardized exam, including all sections of the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, and the generic and physics sections of the MCAT - I've done chem through p chem but am not currently available for chemistry tutoring, sorry.  Email or call me for details and a quote.