New England GMAT

More About Me

  I am a PhD student in theoretical nuclear physics at the #2 program in nuclear physics in the world.  I did my undergraduate work in mathematics. I hold MA junior high school and high school teaching licenses for physics and mathematics, both for grades 5 -12.  I have five years of experience teaching and tutoring mathematics and physics.  I'm also a former Princeton Review GMAT Mathematics instructor.  I got that job by getting an almost perfect GMAT score, and by being viewed as the best of twenty graduate students and professionals who gave a trial-teaching session.  My hobby growing up was reading science fiction, fantasy, and stuff from the canon, and I would make at least as good an English prof as I will a physicist.  I have worked as an editor at a college writing center and I am happy to help with GMAT writing or MBA essay writing.

I enjoy, through tutoring, meeting people with personalities and professional goals different from my own.  For fun I like to spend time with my family and my friends, especially my daughter, do physics, read fiction, walk, lift weights, and teach.  Yes, teaching is fun, and when you know you've helped another person do well it feels pretty good.

Good luck, and please email any questions!

C: 919 358 5076